Superheroics Volume One : A Short Textbook For Mankind is an interactive philosophy manual designed to simplify the search for a more contented and fulfilling life in these turbulent, worrying times.

Based on the teachings and beliefs of my dad, Czesław Słania, as well as my own life experience, I have written a short and accessible guide for the curious amongst us seeking clarity, wisdom and courage. I’ve tried to get rid of any unnecessary psychobabble within the pages to make this book as easy a read as possible with the hope it will be of assistance to anyone suffering from mental ill health.

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“its been an amazing process. I’ve learnt so much”

Just want to give you feedback regarding the peer support I’ve been receiving from Liv weekly. It’s been an amazing process. I’ve learnt so much from her. Liv has been an amazing support system and has been supportive whilst I was going through a really rough patch in my life. I appreciate her so much. We speak about almost everything and she guides me with good advice on how to move forwards and make a success of things. She’s like the big sister I never had. She’s an amazing person. I believe Liv can make a career out of peer support and make peopke happy and recover from mental health challenges.

This has been an amazing journey with the help and support of Liv.

Kind regards,”

“the talks we had gave me hope.”

Dear Christine. Regarding Liv I personally as a troubled person want to thank you for the support I received from Liv. Having spent many years behind prison doors and in mental hospitals over the past 40 years I have never shared stuff inside my mind with what I shared with Liv.

There were times over the past 18 months on bail , settee sufting that I have wanted to end it all…..

But having that weekly session, not connected to me as a friend or family that I believe is the reason I’m still here.

I find it hard to trust people with the way my life turned out over the months I let my wall down…a brick at a time I confess, but even when sectioned with no one to talk and help Liv was always there.

I thought I knew it all but the talks we had gave me hope. Even times when we didn’t agree I believe Liv came into my life to guide me through this horrid time. But most of all taught me to love the alleged victim, which at the beginning I found this extremely hard to comprehend.

I could talk forever about the support and kindness you and Liv have shown me, but just want to say from the depth of my spirit I thank you both.

I wish you both good luck for the future.

You saved my life and thanks for your guidance. X

“been a lot happier with my self and everyone around me since I’ve been dealing with Liv”

I just wanted to give you an update feedback on liv book ond the wat it has done for me. When i was going through sleepless night because i was stressed and anxious and couldn’t manage my feelings the write way. Just thinking the worst of the world and everything else

Than I’ll start reading here book wich would calme me down EXTREMELY and made me start to think differently wich helped me manage my feelings alot better

In and i think she has helped me be stronger emotionally she and her book has giving me strength to quit bad habits and feeling good about it i been alot happier with my self and everyone around me since been dealing Liv I do like her as person she i can confidently say that she has helped me overcome some of my fears problem or worst times of my life so far i can only thank you and liv and your whole organisation

For supporting me through some tough times”

“this book is one of the best pieces of advice I could receive at this particular time in my life.”

I have been reading Liv’s text book which I have foundeasy to read (as my concentration span with books at the moment is not good.

I’ve read, heard and seen many different types of gurus and personal improvement / development coaches, but this book is one of the best pieces of advice I could receive at this particular time in my life. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s already helped me hugely and made me understand a very important area of my life clearly. I believe everyone should read it as it applies to all and has a very positive message and easy to read!

I was about to make a 180 u turn and instead of trying to do good, I was considering going the complete opposite way and getting revenge.

However a passage in the text book helped me change my mind.

I am very glad I met Liv as she has given me nothing but positive communication and energy.

When I have said something negative, she has immediately interjected and helped point me in the right direction.”

“she has the qualities necessary to help even the most difficult circumstances.”

Dear Christine, I wanted to let you know what I think of Liv: Throughout my life I have found very few people with a similar measure of empathy, experience, mindset and other qualities. I understand I have not known her for long but I am highly intuitive.

From the moment we first spoke, she immediately gained my trust and I knew she was who I could speak openly with and we clicked straight away.

She has helped me gain strength and hope at a very challenging time. I find her very intelligent and interesting.

I believe she has the qualities necessary to help even the most difficult circumstances. I am very pleased to have her on my side.

Thank you very much”

“it’s not the same box cutter one size fits all, service you receive from mental health services”

I didn’t have much hope for it from the beginning. I eventually got a peer supporter called Liv and my first few sessions I probably sounded very negative, I cried a lot and I told her how I had been let down by services and felt my life was over. I probably wasn’t very open to her advice from the start.

After a few sessions and getting to know Liv I found out how relatable and down to earth she actually is. She’s also very motivating. She sees things in an out of the box, unconventional way which I think could help a lot a people because it’s not the same box cutter, one size fits all, service you receive from mental health services.

I can say that Liv has really gone above and beyond her role of a peer supporter to be available and reliable in my times of need. I think she’s a lovely person who’s achieving and going to achieve a lot in her life. She has taken me out the pits of hopelessness even though technically I’m not out of the hot water in my life. I have learnt through her to accept what’s happened and try to sit with it and be patient in the hope that things will work out for the better. I can honestly say I haven’t received anything like that from NHS, charity or even private services. Thank you Liv for everything!

“i can’t speak highly enough about Liv and her book”

I’m contacting you in regards to the book you send me that liv wrote. Im am very impressed by the way she reaches out to people and make you feel good about yourself no matter what situation you are in. To me she has been a great support through all this time when i have been at my lowest point in my life is her approach that makes me stay sane

By reading the book when i feeling low or bad makes me feel better and want to do good all the time instead no matter what situation one finds itself i really do think that her book is an inspirational and motivational at the same time And i do think that it would be a good thing for other people going through mental health issues stress related issues i can’t speak highly enough about Liv and her book you guys have been a great help for me cant thank yous enough”

“I wish I had been in contact with someone like her sooner.”

I just wanted to Email you few lines, to let you know how helpful Liv has been, since she has been on my case as a support worker.

She has been a real support for me, and I have looked forward to her phone calls each week. Its a slow process for me to get back to normal but, she has made such a difference to my outlook on things. I wish I had been in contact with someone like her sooner. I hope she keeps up the good work because I know she is making a big difference to some ones life.”

“Liv is such a unique lady. Always full of positive information”

“Liv is such a unique lady. Always full of positive information and if I’ve been p’d off about something before and thinking about doing something that doesn’t make sense, she has easily managed to help me get back to better thinking.

*Due to the printing process, the page numbers on the hard copy differ from those on the free download



This might be for you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges in these worrying, uncertain times, please know that you’re not alone. If you find yourself without a rock, someone to confide in or someone who understands, I can help.


In 2018 I suffered a catastrophic psychotic breakdown. I was charged with, and later acquitted of, a crime which carried a potential life sentence. It was a very dark time. I lost my mind, home, job, reputation, finances and most of my friends.


Now, in 2024, after rebuilding my life, I use my own experiences, philosophy and lessons learned to help others find hope and a new perspective on their own present and future.

“It is in no way an exaggeration to say Liv Slania is by far one of the best I’ve ever met!

If I ever had a family member going through Criminal Justice, I would want them to be supported by Liv.”

“Being a Community Link Worker for Westminster Magistrates Court in London, I have been lucky enough to have come into contact with many Peer Supporters over the years. It is in no way an exaggeration to say Liv Slania is by far one of the best I’ve ever met! It is actually quite difficult where to begin complementing her work, as she brings so much value to our team.

From attending Allocations appointments (where we strategize recovery paths for each of our cases) with us every week without fail and all the client work she does is a privilege to see. It’s a testament to how I personally think about her practice as I always request my clients to go to Liv if/where possible because I know the standard of support they will get.

Having her insight from a lived experience standpoint has become totally vital now in our Allocations meetings as she advises not just on her cases but also everyone present there.

You only need to speak with Liv to hear the sheer passion she has for helping the most vulnerable people. If I ever had a family member going through Criminal Justice, I would want them to be supported by Liv.”

– Paul Richardson, Criminal Justice Community Link Worker, Westminster Magistrates Court, Acton Police Custody

“Liv’s professionalism, reliability, and integrity are remarkable. 

She consistently shows up with enthusiasm, and her commitment to making a positive difference is evident in all aspects of her work.”

I have been lucky to build a professional relationship with Liv Slania, since I started working at Together for Mental Wellbeing. She is a dedicated and compassionate colleague who has been actively involved in supporting individuals navigating the Criminal Justice system, and her commitment to making a positive impact is truly admirable.

Throughout her work, Liv has demonstrated exceptional empathy and a genuine desire to help others, providing her expertise and experience in our Allocations meetings. She creates a safe and supportive environment for clients, encouraging them to express their emotions and share their experiences.

Liv’s dedication extends beyond individual support. She effectively collaborates with Community Link Workers, enabling them to provide enhanced assistance to clients.

Liv’s professionalism, reliability, and integrity are remarkable. She consistently shows up with enthusiasm, and her commitment to making a positive difference is evident in all aspects of her work.

Her genuine passion for helping others shines through, inspiring both clients and fellow peers. Based on her exceptional qualities and contributions, I have no doubt that Liv will continue to excel as she is an asset to the team.”

– Jermaine McKenzie, CLW Team Leader, Community Liaison and Diversion Service (East & West Cluster), Together for Mental Wellbeing, London Forensic Service