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Hi Christine how are you?

Hope you are well. I just wanted to give you an update feedback on liv book ond the wat it has done for me When i was going through sleepless night because i was stressed and anxious and couldn’t manage my feelings the write way just thinking the worst of the world and everything else than I’ll start reading here book wich would calme me down EXTREMELY and made me start to think differently wich helped me manage my feelings alot better in and i think she has helped me be stronger emotionally she and her book has giving me strength to quit bad habits and feeling good about it i been alot happier with my self and everything everyone around me since been dealing Liv I do like her as person she i can confidently say that she has helped me overcome some of my fears problem or worst times of my life so far i can only thank you and liv and your whole organisation for supporting me through some tough times

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