Feeling Overwhelmed, Isolated or Lost?

Do you feel like nobody understands you and you're about to give up?

You are not alone.

Liv Slania

As a Peer Support Specialist, I’m dedicated to supporting mental wellbeing.


My role as a peer supporter in the Criminal Justice system allowed me to find my passion for helping others and inspired me to expand my services.


My journey in serving others was sparked by a personal challenge I faced back in 2018. This experience became a turning point, transforming my own struggles into empathy and guidance for others. It’s my belief that our most difficult experiences can be our greatest teachers.

Why Liv?

Lived Experience

Liv stands out from many coaches because she has personally gone through tough times turned her life around, and now helps others do the same.

Proven Expertise

Liv uses superheroic principles in her peer support work to clearly distinguish right from wrong, helping people recover from situations they thought were hopeless.

Deep Empathy

Liv has a genuine desire and passion for helping others, her sessions create a safe and supportive environment for clients to share their emotions and experiences.