superheroics volume one

Superheroics Volume One : A Short Textbook For Mankind is an interactive philosophy manual designed to simplify the search for a more contented and fulfilling life in these turbulent, worrying times.


Based on the teachings and beliefs of my dad, Czesław Słania, as well as my own life experience, I have written a short and accessible guide for the curious amongst us seeking clarity, wisdom and courage. I’ve tried to get rid of any unnecessary psychobabble within the pages to make this book as easy a read as possible with the hope it will be of assistance to anyone suffering from mental ill health.

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The insights of superheroics are known to be especially helpful for individuals facing personal challenges including:

What Others Say

This is more than a self-help book; its a call to action for anyone ready to embrace their true power and make a positive impact on the world.


It’s an easy read and a must for anyone wishing for a better, more mindful world in which we all live.

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