Testimonial Grid #7

“Hello I’m writing this testimonial to say a few words about Liv and how much her support means to me. I met superheroic Liv during self development workhop where her honest story really moved me. Shortly after I require and asked for help Liv stretched her hand towards me and she not only listen to me but she also coach me and provided ‘a cold bucket of water’ truth bomb that help me to find a balanced perspective on my relationship problems and why I had them. Her help didn’t finish there. Every week she’s bringing me fresh perspective and understanding and tons of good vibrations helping me to find emotional balance on multiple levels. I value Liv for all she did and still does for me and also for her brave and humble shared story about her own life. I hope that one day I will share my story and be strong and vulnerable too. I’m happier since Liv coaching me more fulfilled and my relationships and overall outlook on life improved massively. I also recommend the Superheroics book because it clears out a lot of confusion about mindset. It did for me and it works wonders.
I love the way Liv described positive points and negative points, which makes it easy to navigate life. Thank you.”

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