taken from the Springboard Sessions
Series 2 Part 3
at MIND Mental Health Charity

I will share with you:

– how the pain we experience impacts the world around us

– how to evaluate your own superheroics ratio and identify areas for development

– how one simple act of kindness can literally transform someone’s life

– how a happy ever after is a real tangible and achievable result

– how to give yourself and others the gift of hope

– that each and every one of us have the power and strength to overcome adversity.

“I recently attended Liv Slania’s webinar on superheroics and was left with a feeling of empowerment, positivity and joy.”

She is a highly impactful and professional speaker and brings the complexity of mental health conversations intoan accessible, engaging and relatable format. 

She is honest, open and has a fascinating story to share. Her webinar celebrates the true value of lived experience / peer support and promotes the added value that is achieved by experts by experience / peers being at the forefront of developing wellbeing and mental health services. 

Liv encourages you to consider and reflect on your own characteristics and circumstances, and helps you recognise the common ground between us all as humans, regardless of our varying mental health challenges. I thoroughly recommend this webinar workshop for many reasons, especially to raise awareness, understanding, compassion and empathy.”

– Donna Walker, Recovery College and Peer Support Manager at St Andrew’s Healthcare

“I found both sections of the workshop to be highly insightful, engaging and empathetic.”

 “I observed Liv Slania’s workshop on philosophy of superheroics. For the session we watched her speech at MIND’s national event celebrating peer support and mental wellbeing, PeerFest. We were then taken on a deep dive of her philosophy and how she applies it to her work as a Criminal Justice Peer Supporter. I found both sections of the workshop to be highly insightful, engaging and empathetic. 

Liv is a talented public speaker and easily captured the attention and imaginations of the participants for the workshop. Both Liv’s workshop and the superheroics philosophy offer a unique and practical approach to supporting individuals who may be facing extreme challenges. 

From the response of the participants, it was clear this work was very relevant to a range of peer support contexts. There was plenty of further discussion around people using elements of the superheroics philosophy in their own work contexts.”

– David Paulin, Communities and Content Lead at MIND PeerFest UK

I’d never done a webinar or a workshop before, let alone a LIVE 90 minute long educational webinar workshop online via Zoom for MIND Mental Health Charity’s Springboard Sessions, directed at peer support-related mental health professionals sharing their skills and knowledge with others across the UK.

When I was asked to discuss my role as a peer supporter, as well as the rapid positive results observed in my clients, fear came running the moment I said ‘yes’ to the opportunity. “What are you going to talk about?” “Who’s going to listen to you for that long?” And, although normally a motormouth, suddenly I felt I had nothing to say.

“What do you mean, you have nothing to say?” the voice of reason asked me as I fell asleep late one night a few days before the webinar. “What about YOUR story? Or those of your clients? Or superheroics – sharing the method with the aim of reaching someone out there in need of hope? Can you say a few words to them?”

“OK, OK!” I replied. “I’ll think of something.”

Below is the result.

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The 47 minute long Superheroics Masterclass online edit, excluding all the live attendees’ interactions, focuses on explaining the origins and basics of the superheroics philosophy, inspired by my dad, Czesław Słania. The method is proven to have a positive impact on my clients, and I hope you would consider applying it to the people under your care.


After hiding beneath a rock for a few years following my life taking a down turn, I am now grateful to welcome you to my story. Thank you for e-being here and I hope you enjoy this Superheroics Masterclass(-:

(Video edit: Liv Slania and Shais Ahmed)