“Liv Slania is one of the best criminal justice peer supporters I’ve come across. For years I’ve observed how, through superheroics, she can reach those with serious mental health issues, even the ones deemed lost or untreatable by others, with her unwavering dedication, conviction, knowledge and expertise. Her clients speak very highly of her, with beautiful and touching testimonials coming through regularly. I wish for everyone going through the criminal justice system to have somebody like Liv on their side, as I wholeheartedly believe that her story can inspire many, especially those in urgent need of hope. I’m very pleased to have her on our team, as she’s proven a valuable and irreplaceable asset. I believe Liv will go very far in this field, and I look forward to seeing what she does next.” – Christine Pearson, Peer Support Coordinator at Together for Mental Wellbeing

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(Photo: Ani Sarpe)

Project Superheroics officially kicked off on World Mental Health Day 2022. Today marks the first anniversary of its debut and subsequent expansion. (Click HERE for more info.)

Thanks to everyone’s donations so far, hundreds of ‘Superheroics Volume One’ textbooks have made it to: HM Belmarsh PrisonHM Bronzefield PrisonWestminster Magistrates CourtEaling Magistrates CourtMIND Mental Health CharitySt Andrews Healthcare and Capital Project Trust, distributed to their libraries, common areas and wards, to individual patients, prisoners, service users and/or healthcare professionals.

 Encouraged by the project’s positive feedback and rapid results observed even in repeat offenders, the plan for the coming year is to continue, with your support and generous donations, to distribute ‘Superheroics Volume One’ to those in need.

The ‘superheroics’ philosophy, based on the teachings of my dad, Czesław Słania, proves successful, especially amongst post-psychotic individuals trying to rebuild their shattered lives. Superheroics eliminates the moral ‘grey area,’ which my dad said was ‘a man-made place where people kept their excuses,’ and it clearly divides everything into two piles: yes-no, good-bad, right-wrong, love-hate, faith-fear, peace-war, freedom-oppression and so on. This helps the reader recognise and clarify the correct and necessary steps to take on the road towards a better future, and with less mistakes along the way. 

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(Photo: Muhammed Imraan)

When the ‘normies’ (as we call the functionals) make a mistake, they can apologise, reflect, learn and move on. But for people like my clients and me, after we’ve done something so serious that ‘sorry’ doesn’t cut it, there is no room for a mistake because the consequences can be dire: you lose custody of your children, you lose your friends, you end up homeless, you go to prison.

This I discovered when, after suffering a psychotic breakdown in 2018, I found myself facing a potential life sentence. On the morning of my trial, overcome with disgrace, shame and embarrassment, having lost everything, I thought of ending my life. It seemed like the more bearable option.

(Photo: Ani Sarpe)

However, according to my dad and superheroics, ‘superheroes never give up’ and ‘superheroes don’t harm,’ so I had no choice but to keep going. I’m so grateful that I did, thanks also to those who gave me hope in my darkest hour, because not only was I acquitted and free to go, but in peer support I found my calling, today doing what I was meant to do, using my lived-in experience and ability to help others in need.

  The majority of my clients come via a mental health charity called Together for Mental Wellbeing, but because of the ongoing national mental health crisis, far more people out there require assistance in how to manage their issues. With this in mind, I’ve decided to expand my clientele to the private sector.


Specialising in psychotic, post-psychotic and suicidal individuals, I am available for a chat. If this resonates with you or you know someone who might benefit from talking to me, please do get in touch.

Thank you.

“Hope is the most precious gift you can ever 

give to another person. Hope sparks faith. 

Faith sparks action. Action sparks change, 

a positive domino effect that begins with 

kind word.” – Czesław Słania

*Due to the printing process, the page numbers on the hard copy differ from those on the free download


“Liv saved my life. I tried to end it multiple times before”

 “I would like to start by saying Liv saved my life. I tried to end it multiple times beforeI had been involved with the mental healthcare system for decades, but felt no noticeable benefit to my wellbeing. I felt surrounded by people who had no knowledge or idea – other than maybe from books – what it’s like to suffer from mental ill health. I had spent nearly 40 years searching for someone who could help me get out of this emotional gutter I found myself in. Finally, in my sixties, I met Liv who I instantly felt was that someone who actually understood what I was talking about and knew how to navigate me through the mind’s storm. Liv knows mental health like the back of her hand. In the most difficult and trying period in my life, she patiently and skilfully guided me every week, and succeeded where many have failed. I had paid tens of thousands of pounds for professional help, but only Liv was able to truly connect with me and effectively rewire the negative programming from my childhood with the help of superheroics, thus giving me the ability to live the rest of my life in the spirit of hope and faith, not fear. My wife and I have never felt better, plus my relationship with both my children and grandchildren has improved greatly. I can honestly say that I am finally happy, and would have never got here without Liv. For that I am eternally grateful. Many thanks.”

“The difference Liv made in the direction of my life was at a crucial time when I could have easily given up.”

I am writing this letter as a testimony to the tremendous and resilient efforts of Liv, who has been instrumental to help me recover / rehabilitate after a very difficult time. Her empathetic nature, enthusiasm, and belief in what she does has made a positive impact on my life. When I first spoke with Liv, I could sense her sincere and professional attitude to help me overcome the challenges I was facing. The difference Liv made in the direction of my life was at a crucial time when I could have easily given up. I had a negative view on mental health and related peer support services, until I started talking with Liv. I believe she is a person of high integrity and sincere. I believe that Liv deserves to be recognized for her selfless nature and kindness. To have someone of her experience and talent is a blessing to all who need her help. Thank you very much.”

“having your weekly support has, and still is, making a great difference in my life”

I’d like to thank you for my peer support Liv. And wanted to let you know what a positive attribute to my current situation she has been. And because of you guys it has made my life more bearable and I thought I wanted to let you know that your and Liv’s work and support with myself hasn’t gone unnoticed. There have been many times I have been at my lowest and having your weekly support has, and still is, making a great difference in my life, and you and Liv have been a positive vibration in my life. Again, a big thanks.”

“I can’t stress enough about how much of an impact Liv has made to me and my life.”

Hi Christine, I hope you’re well. I just wanted to say thank you to you and Liv for the emotional support I been getting. I really feel great full having got to know Liv and for the help I been getting. 

I can’t stress enough about how much of an impact Liv has made to me and my life. Since I been working with Liv I finding it a lot easier to deal with life issues and has made a massive positive impact on me and my life. I just wish that my kids especially the older one had such a great person like Liv as I believe it would have made a positive impact like it did for me. I’ve never felt so understood and treated so nice by a support worker, and respectful like Liv on learn new ways of dealing with life’s problems. 

As I said I can’t speak highly enough of her and her book Superheroics. I very much upset to have finished the support work because the way Liv approach was all ways spot on. And please I would love you to consider me in the near future as a peer supporter. I would love to make a change in someone’s life like you did for me. I think it would make me very happy to. It was great dealing with you and especially Liv as she worked with me for some time. Again, I like to thank you both as I think you’d helped me in the worst time.

Thank you.

“I’m happier since Liv coaching me more fulfilled and my relationships and overall outlook on life improved massively.”

I’m writing this testimonial to say a few words about Liv and how much her support means to me. I met superheroic Liv during self development workhop where her honest story really moved me. Shortly after I require and asked for help Liv stretched her hand towards me and she not only listen to me but she also coach me and provided ‘a cold bucket of water’ truth bomb that help me to find a balanced perspective on my relationship problems and why I had them. Her help didn’t finish there. Every week she’s bringing me fresh perspective and understanding and tons of good vibrations helping me to find emotional balance on multiple levels. I value Liv for all she did and still does for me and also for her brave and humble shared story about her own life. I hope that one day I will share my story and be strong and vulnerable too.  I’m happier since Liv coaching me more fulfilled and my relationships and overall outlook on life improved massively. I also recommend the Superheroics book because it clears out a lot of confusion about mindset. It did for me and it works wonders.

I love the way Liv described positive points and negative points, which makes it easy to navigate life. Thank you.”

“I’m a new person, and I have Liv and superheroics to thank.”

I’d like to write a few words about my experience with Liv and her superheroic philosophy. When we met, I was at the lowest point in my life. I was an addict about to go to prison, and had nobody, not even my family, to help me with my problems. I lost my job and all of my friends, including my ex-fiancée whom I blamed for everything, feeling hopeless about my existence. But when I spoke with Liv for the first time, I felt this positive energy taking over my body and soul, and right there and then I decided to quit drugs. I can’t explain it, but I felt like she’d shared her hope and positive energy with me, which week after week she’d continue doing without fail, wisdom flowing out of her and blowing my mind time and time again. Now I’m back on my feet, working again, been clean since that time we’d first spoken, and I’m even dating again. I’m a new person, and I have Liv and superheroics to thank. I fully recommend her book to everyone, because it changes you for the better. And whenever I have a bad day or so, I keep reading chapters from the book, her words making me feel instantly better. Although I miss our sessions, I know she’s out there helping someone in need. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”