“In the past few years, I have witnessed Liv Slania take consistent and committed strides forward toward birthing what is, I am sure, the first of many more to come, her book titled Superheroics. Not only did she manifest a truly transformational guidebook for others to follow, but she has taken brave action to ensure that this phenomenal work gets into the hands of those who need it the most… those who have been labeled and forgotten about… but NOT by Liv! She is actively fulfilling her life’s mission on Earth, to heal and restore the human spirit through the power of connection, and I am so honoured to have gotten the opportunity to be even a small part of her story. Her book is a true work of genius, and I recommend checking out our podcast episode to learn more about it from Liv herself.” – Kat Divine, the host, Envisioneer Studios ‘Dream Into Being’

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(The visual gist of the podcast)

I’ve never done a podcast before, but decided to say ‘yes’ to this opportunity before fear tried to talk me out of it.

Actually, I’ve ticked off quite a few ‘firsts’ recently, from my first public speaking gig to hosting my first live online masterclass. Since my dad’s passing, fear has tried to destroy confidence and belief in myself, constantly heckling that I will achieve nothing and fail in everything, especially post-psychosis. Yet, for a while now, despite the anticipated potential for disaster, I didn’t make a fool of myself when doing the public speech, and people didn’t log out of the masterclass before the end. So I wondered that maybe the podcast might go well too?

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My dad always reminded me that 99% of what we fear or worry about doesn’t even come to pass, so when asked to be the guest on an episode of the Dream Into Being podcast, instead of focusing on the worst that could happen, I thought “why not just do it?” Taking my role very seriously as a mental health advocate and voice for people like my clients and myself, I was honoured that someone was willing to listen to what I had to say and share our stories, even if it meant digging deeper into my mind thus becoming more vulnerable than ever before.

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(My dad and me)

But I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by to share my dad’s message which is based on his teachings and values instilled in me as a child, the same methods I use on my clients today with rapid, positive results observed even in repeat offenders. He himself was taught the philosophy by his mom and my grandma, a true woman of nature who survived two World Wars and took no cr*p from anyone.

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(My dad, Czesław Słania, and my grandma, Józefa – portraits engraved by my dad)

I hope I can do them both justice by sharing the superheroics philosophy (started out as heroics, ‘bohateryka’ in Polish) which they both lived and swore by, with the hope it’ll help someone out there having a difficult time.

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Also, what helped sway me towards doing the podcast was the fact I’ve known Kat, the host, from ‘before,’ our paths having crossed not long after the trial, when I was, in short, a mess. She’s always been supportive of me, my story and superheroics, cheering me on and believing in my mission. Now, a few years later, thanks to Kat’s encouragement, here I am, e-telling you about my first ever podcast appearance, where I touch on how I went from being a zero to helping save lives.


Wanna see how it turned out? Please, click below.

(Video edit: Liv Slania and Shais Ahmed)

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